Shahi Tukda Recipe (Sweet Dish)

Shahi tukda is a mughlai dessert made with ghee or oil, fried bread and sugar syrup, thickened sweetened milk(Rabri), saffron and nuts. It’s a Lucknow style nawabi sweet dish.

Step by Step Direction:

  • Take a bread cut into pieces , cut some dry fruits into small pcs (cashew, Pista)
  • Take half liter of milk in a pan ,make it thick by stirring continuously on medium flame. once thick consistency add 1 tbsp of sugar and make it cool on Room temp or fridge it.
  • Then take 1 bowl of sugar and 1 bowl of water in a pan boil it properly around 10 minutes. Sugar syrup is ready make it cool(Room temp).
  • Take a pan or kadai add oil or Desi ghee make it heat on medium flame, once heat add bread slices and fry it till golden brown color, strain it .
  • Dip fried bread in sugar syrup just for 2 second and take it out.
  • Spread the rabri (thickened sweetened milk) on top of bread and decorate with dryfruits and rose petals. serve it.